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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Neal's website. Thank you for taking a visit and we hope we can be of service to you. We hope you find the site light and cheerful and yet we take our quality and service very seriously.

We now also supply local veg boxes. Our vegetables come from a small farm just outside Petrockstow, a small village 5 miles from Dolton. All vegetables grown on the farm are grown using I.C.M (integrated crop management) principles which involve using natural pest predators instead of pesticides.

Neal's is a small independent family butchers run by Patrick Neal who has 26 years of experience working in the shop and Jane Neal who works behind the scenes looking after all the administration.

Because of Patricks many years In Butchering we have been able to continue Butchering in the traditional way using only carefully selected whole carcasses of locally produced meat and never buy in pre-packed boxes of meat. The meat is then hung for the appropriate time, 21 days for all of our beef, before being cut and packed to our customers requirements.

Our shop is located in the small village of Dolton, almost in the centre of Devon. Because of our location we are lucky enough to see visitors from all over the country and our visitors are telling us more frequently that they have lost their local Butchers shop like ours and how much they miss it. Unfortunately when a Butchers has closed, it is usually for good. To resolve this problem we are bringing the traditional Butchers shop to you at home as authentically as possible with the aid of modern technology.

Everything we supply is on display in our Shop Page. Just like your old Butcher used to. Just click on the product, enter the quantity, size of joints or packs, confirm your selection and we will wrap it up and put it in your basket. For more detailed information on where our meat comes from and our principles please see what's in our Cutting Room.

Once again thanks for looking and happy shopping.


Patrick and Jane Neal.