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Cutting Room

Neal's Traditional Butchers

Welcome to the Cutting Room

This is where we take in and store the meat for our customers until it is ready to be prepared for sale.

On arrival our produce is quality checked before storing in our Cold Store, the Beef we acquire is always from selected Devon farms and is always between 24-30 months (best age for flavour) and always has an adequate cover of fat which ensures that is has been fed and cared for correctly. We find purchasing this way always ensures perfect quality.

Purchasing on the hoof, no matter how much experience you have, is not as easy to assess the finish as selecting the carcasses. We purchase only British Breeds of Beef but do not stick to one breed only, we believe the Farmers expertise in rearing the Bullock is more important. There is no point in selling an Angus Bullock that has not been finished correctly. The carcase is then kept in quarters until it has hung for 21 days before being prepared for sale.

Our Lamb like our Beef is also from selected Devon farms and purchased in the same way as our Beef, not too lean, not too fat. Our new season Lamb is hung for 2 days before preparing for sale. Older Lambs from November onwards are hung for 4 days to ensure tenderness.

All our Pork is from WhitStone in Devon & Wellington in Somerset. The families that own these farms have been producing Pork for many years and we have found them to be the most consistent producers of Pigs with just the right finish. Pork should have just a thin layer of fat for flavour, crackling and tenderness of the meat but not too much.

Our Bacon is supplied by our suppliers of our Pork from Whitstone. They cure their Pork in the traditional way as to ensure the Pork does not take on too much brine which would cause the brine to be released from the Bacon when being cooked. You will not get a pan of water when you fry this bacon.Their Smoked Bacon is also done the traditional way over Beech Chips for just the right amount of time as not to over smoke the Bacon and make it too strong and salty but enough to give it a mellow flavour. Believe it or not we actually hang our Bacon for 12 hrs before slicing it in three thicknesses, to ensure any excess moisture has drained away.

We source all of our Chickens and Ducks from a small Poultry Farm in the small village of Chilla Devon. This is a small family business we have been sourcing our Chickens and Ducks from for a number of years and have always been pleased with the quality. They produce a deep litter Barn Reared Chicken which is always plump and excellent value for money. They also supply a Free Range Chicken which is exactly what is says on the tin and has exceptional flavour. Our Free Range Ayesbury Ducks are also from this supplier and are particularly meaty for a Duck and we are always pleased with the flavour.

Our Game & Free Range Turkeys are supplied to us by a very long established firm in Copplestone in Devon. We buy whole Turkeys & then Bone & roll the breast meat to cut into joints, roll the thighs into a mini joints then separate the drumsticks & wings which are sold for a very reasonable price.

Finally we come to our Homemade Pork or Beef Sausages, Burgers and Hogs Puddings etc. What else can we say, except that obviously we think they are great otherwise we'd change the recipe. All of our recipes have been compiled by Patrick over the years. Most of the recipes are years old and are NOT made up with bought in packets of mixes. All sausages and burgers have high meat content and the sausages are made from natural skins so don't expect them to be straight, but don't worry the burgers are flat!